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Working at CombiVliet

Working in another country for a shorter or longer time? Choose the Netherlands.

Choose a sector where you are guaranteed a job. And above all, choose a company where you count: CombiVliet. We are one of the largest tomato growers in Europe. We grow them at seven different locations in the Netherlands. We like to leave the picking of our tomatoes to our temporary employees.

What kind of work is it?
Working in the greenhouses at a company like CombiVliet is light and clean work. If you are in good health, you can cope just fine. At most, you work 40 hours a week. In summer, we usually start early in the morning. Then you finish earlier in the afternoon.
You always have colleagues around you. Especially people from Poland and Romania. You can go for a few months, but also longer if you want. And do you want to progress further? Then you can even take charge of your own team.

Salaris:onbekend – onbekend
Uren per week:40 – 40

Heb je interesse in deze vacature en wil je graag op deze functie solliciteren? Neem dan contact op met CombiVliet via onbekend of onbekend. Of bezoek hun website onbekend.

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